Human Trade

Human Trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation. Every 30 seconds, a person becomes a victim of human trafficking. Human Trafficking affects every country of our world. It’s either a country of origin, transit or destination. Victims from 127 countries have been found to be taken advantage of 137 states. About 79% of identified trafficking victims, and the rest are victims of sex trafficking.

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Human trafficking and exploitation has been in existence across the globe for thousands of years. From the ancient Greek and Romans to the medieval times, and up until today, humans have been subject to various forms of physical and sexual slavery.

Untitled drawing (8)The media plays an important role in educating people about the global human trafficking. In reality, media coverage about this kind of issue is pretty weak. Some media outlets are not yet fully aware of the trafficking phenomenon, instead they tend to focus more in stuff like illegal immigration or alien smuggling, and it’s time for them to take action.

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The Us Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for investigating human trafficking, arresting human traffickers and protecting victims. DHS releases hundreds of investigation and makes numerous of arrest every year using a victim-centered approach which is excellent.

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One of the perspective that differ in this issue is Siddharth Kara, the first time he began researching about human trafficking he said that there were limited awareness about it especially less scholarship. Non-profit organizations, activists, and charitable foundations have worked very hard to raise awareness of human trafficking and to tackle root causes, investment by the academic community to analyze the nature, scale, and functioning of the phenomena has been slower to evolve.

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For the very same reason that drug mafias still exist, despite massive law enforcement efforts. Human trafficking is a highly sophisticated, organized crime and it is very productive. Seasoned traffickers dangle the only shred of hope that many people, living in desperate poverty, will cling to, even if it is a false hope.

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I feel so bad for not doing anything about this issue because in reality it’s actually not that easy but researching about human trafficking, had made me come to the realization that even though I can’t do much about it, I can spread awareness using the blog I created.

People can help stop or prevent human trafficking by supporting victim service provider or spread awareness.